Annual Genral Meeting : JAN 2010

24/01/2010 00:00

Our AGM is planned on 24 Jan 10 at Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan Sector-12, Gandhinagar at 10:45 hrs. All members, interensted to attend may subnit theit contribution as follows:  Rs. 100/- / person/Guest/Spouse & Rs. 50/- per child (any age).  You can deposit it AFA Guj Br., BOI Sb Ac 201110110001645 and intimate on Tele / email or in this site in feedback column.

  • We have entertainment, cultural and many interesting progremmes in our AGM
  • A Blood donation camp is also planned along with Eye-donation pledge.

   All Members are requested to motivate their family members for Blood donation / Eye Donation pledge.

Any query pls call 9427395860 - Sgt Jasmin


Goals of AFA

  • To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare
  • To improve the quality of life of those who have served the Air Force and the nation.   

What AFA can do for You

  • Provides Comradeship
  • Large network of AFA Contacts
  • AFA Newsletter
  • Placement to the Needy
  • Free Legal Aid
  • Home to Senior Citizens
  • Information on Latest Welfare Benefits

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