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      It gives us great pleasure to place before you this inaugural site of Air Force Association (Gujarat Branch).  The Branch has been established in 01 August 2007 with active support from AFA Head Office and HQs SWAC. 

      We have resolved to serve the community of Ex-Air Warriors settled in Gujarat to the best of our ability with emphasis on assisting those in need, building a network for mutual help, providing platform for projecting issues of common interset, spreading awareness of Indian Air Force amongst the people of Gujarat with special emphasis on motivating the youth, honouring memory of Air-Warriors who laid their life for the nation and felicitating those who have served Indian Air Force with dedication and distinction.  As a first step we have undertake a concerted drive to enroll members by writing to each retired air warrior.  However, we solicit help from all present members to spread the work and enlist as many members as possible.

History of Air Force Association



Membership of AFA :-

    AFA makes Individual members as well as Institutional members. The individual membership is restricted to retired Air Force personnel including Non     Combatants (Enrolled), and in case of their death, to their widows.

There are three levels of Individual memberships.

(a) Life Member
(b) Life Member (Widows)
(c) Honorary Member

There qualifications have been well defined in the ‘Memorandum of the Association Rules and Regulations – Revised 2003’ as under –

(a) Life Member. Any person, who has served in the Indian Air Force as an Officer, Airman or NC (E) for the duration of one year or more (Whether continuously or in broken periods) excluding the period of initial training, if any, or has retired/released/discharged under normal course therefrom.

(b) Life Member (Widow). The widows of the deceased Air Force personnel are automatically entitled to be Life Members without payment of any subscription. However, they have to subscribe for AFA Newsletter.

(c) Honorary Member. Any person of eminence may be invited by the Governing Council to become Honorary member of the Association for any specified period or for life. An honorary member may be invited to any meetings of the General Body by shall have no right to vote.

There is a provision to make Institutional membership.

Member Institutions. Admission to the Member Institution of the Association shall be at the discretion of the Governing Council. After the application has been approved by the Executive Committee, the name of their Institution and number of the members to be admitted for membership, of that Institution shall be on payment of the subscription, which may be decided by the Governing Council, be entered by the Hony Secretary in the register of Member Institutions. The institution may be invited by the Executive Committee of the Association to depute any office bearer (s) or member(s) of the member institution to attend any meeting or function of the Association as “Member-in-Attendance”, without the right to vote or comment on the proceedings of the Meeting. The Executive Committee may also accept request made by the member institution for their office bearers/members to attend the Association’s meeting/function as per the provisions stipulated herebefore.



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Goals of AFA

  • To broaden public understanding of Air Force's role in the nation's security and welfare
  • To improve the quality of life of those who have served the Air Force and the nation.   

What AFA can do for You

  • Provides Comradeship
  • Large network of AFA Contacts
  • AFA Newsletter
  • Placement to the Needy
  • Free Legal Aid
  • Home to Senior Citizens
  • Information on Latest Welfare Benefits

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